Purchase a Caravan Token for exclusive content, or be immortalized in Schhhart's "Crypto Highway" Theme Song!

Caravan Token

Purchase of the Caravan Token will help fund the journey, and give exclusive access to follow along wherever you are.

Information in the metadata will allow token holders access to updates, content, location tracking, artwork, and Schhhart's Caravan theme song.

Token Price:

25 ADA

Total Supply:


Caravan Token Policy ID: 1937f12fa3280c17048106d902b7df74c57ed4f5f8afb1ec4fb985e4

Be mentioned in "Crypto Highway"

Have your name, project, or brand shouted out in Schhhart's Caravan theme song that will be attached to the token as well as played live dozens of times over the course of the trip.

Price: 50 ADA


If you believe in what we're trying to do, any amount of ADA is appreciated and will help us achieve our goal.

ADA Handle: $caravan