A team of 10 Cardano community members will leave from Northern Indiana in a rented RV and travel cross country to Denver, Colorado before crossing the mountains to Las Vegas. It’s the Road to cNFTcon and Rare Bloom!

The Cardano Caravan will pick up community members along the way who want to join in the adventure! Supporters can follow the route online and even ride-along on the highway to our mutual destination.

CNFT News Feature:

Streaming Content

During the entirety of the trip we will be documenting anything fun or adventurous that comes up along the way. People we meet or onboard in the hopes to gather content could later be edited into marketing material. We could immediately deliver YouTube shows, live content, and then a short documentary post-trip.

We will be hosting spaces and streaming video content as we make the rounds so we can share the experience with Cardano community members unable to attend the events.

We will still host our regular spaces and attend other digital events while on the adventure as another means of spreading the word. These will be further opportunities for marketing and shout outs for the largest contributors. There will be sponsorship bundles available at different price points so that projects or teams of all sizes can take part.

The RV

The sponsors will be represented by semi permanent vinyl decals on the RV during the trip which will translate to thousands of eyes as the RV drives cross-country. In addition, the RV will be parked on the convention floor and seen by every attendee.

Once in Las Vegas we will do several different things for our sponsors to gain exposure. Flawwed and Schhhart will host spaces and play music along the way. We also have a variety of talented individuals on the caravan who can provide live performances and MC.

Sponsors will also be represented on the website and on the "adventure token".

Adventure Token & Song

The "adventure token" is an NFT that directly links to content on the website and can be updated periodically as we go about the adventure.

The token will be available very inexpensively so that people can support adventure even in the smallest of increments. In the hopes of including the community in the trip itself.

The token will also have an accompanying theme song written and performed by Schhhart. This is another unique opportunity for marketing or advertising by purchasing the right to be mentioned in the song. This involves both sponsors and people that we meet along the way to see themselves become part of the story.

After cNFT Con & Rare Bloom

Before Rare Bloom there is nearly a week of downtime… But we don't entertain the dip! We will take advantage of that time to further network and spread the word about Cardano while onboarding people. Most likely in one of the beautiful state parks in the Southwest on our way back to Denver, camping in Colorado for a couple days before the following weekend.

Rare Bloom activities will be much the same as cNFTcon. We will take all opportunities available to us to market ourselves to the Cardano Community and work in the best interests of our sponsors. Again with different packages there are different levels of exposure, with the largest contributors of course getting the most exposure.

It is our intention to do our best to spotlight all of our sponsors throughout the trip every chance we get. After the festivities at Rare Bloom we will say goodbye to our friends from the Denver area and start back to the Midwest.

Our Goals

The mission the entire journey comes down to is onboarding. The idea of such a unique experience should draw attention from those outside the NFT space, which brings in an entirely new market with no established brand preference.

The intention with the content is to manifest the experience for those in the community unable to travel to cNFTcon and Rare Bloom, if even just vicariously through their NFT and digital content.

There will be marketing opportunities spread all throughout this adventure for those looking to support the mission while gaining some exposure through trusted community members.